Peppy Pet Ball Review: Read This Before You Buy!

This brand-new pet toy is selling like crazy all over the world. Should you buy it? Let’s find out!


One thing is shared across all cats and dogs; their ability to be super tough on their toys. As a pet owner, I feel like I’m replacing toys every other week just because my pets destroy them all the time. 

I’ve never thought there might be a toy that’ll last for years to come and entertain my little doggo. Everything changed when I found Peppy Pet Ball! I’ve bought it, tested it, and here’s my 100% honest review!

What is Peppy Pet Ball?

During the day, our pets require a lot of attention to stay entertained. The Peppy Pet Ball utilizes a simple ball that many pet owners already have in their possession. However, this toy ball has a sensor that allows it to continually move and bounce around, keeping your pet’s attention the whole time.

You don’t need a remote control or a smartphone app to operate it. And that’s where all its beauty lies. You can leave for work or for a night out and let your pets have hours of fun until they get tired. It’ll automatically switch off when they’re done playing with it! 

You can charge it with its USB charger when you return home. It’s simple as that! My dog is going crazy when I take out Peppy Pet Ball, even though this little guy knows I’m about to leave!

How exactly does it work?

It utilizes motion sensors and can recognize when your pet touches it and when it’s coming up against hard-to-reach areas. The creators programmed it to reflect the hunting intuitions of our cats and dogs. You might think it moves randomly, but it’s designed to do so! 

Is Peppy Pet Ball legit?

Yes, it is 100% legit! Many interactive pet toys on the market do similar things to Peppy Pet Ball. However, this gadget outperforms most of the competition. It lasts longer, comes in many colors, and is unbreakable and unchewable. Even after years of use, it won’t’ break! And your pets won’t damage their teeth! That’s why people love it. That’s why I bought it without a second guess.

And I didn’t buy it merely as a toy but as a device to help my little dog improve its mental health. It’s proven that interactive toys like Peppy Pet Ball help our pets in many ways:

✅ Mental stimulation

✅ Self-entertainment

✅ Weight management

✅ Stress relief

✅ Anxiety relief

✅ Alleviates boredom

✅ Ability to use hunting instincts

✅ Enhances focus

For me, these reasons were enough to make the decision! And I didn’t regret it at all!

How to use it?

I’m sure you already know that using the ball isn’t that hard. I broke down the process into steps to make things much easier for you. The first time I got it, all I had to do was:

Step 1: Take the ball and recharge it for at least one hour.

Step 2: Then press the power button. It’ll start rolling or bouncing.

Step 3: Give it to your little friend and see the reaction. To make things more fun, the ball will emit light and play sounds every now and then.

Step 4: You don’t have to worry about stopping the ball. It stops automatically when your pets want to stop playing.


Here are some major features of Peppy Pet Ball that you should know about:

🐶 100% hands-free play- Your dog can use this toy without assistance. More play and less anxiety waiting for you to get home!

🐶 Waterproof and saliva proof- Easy to clean up and won’t get damaged from your pets’ saliva or rolling through the water.

🐶 Never gets stuck- Built-in motion sensors will keep Peppy Pet Ball from getting stuck in unwanted places, like between furniture.

🐶 Built to last-  Made from durable and tear-resistant elastic materials that won’t rip, even with strong dog breeds.

🐶 100% non-toxic- The elastic is entirely safe to bite. No dangerous chemicals- no worries!

🐶 Long-lasting battery- Just 1-hour of charging will give your doggo 8 hours of fun (while you’re at work!).


Well, that wouldn’t be a proper review if I didn’t mention the price! But before, I should say some things about Peppy Pet Ball’s customer service. 

Having someone who can answer your questions quickly is very important when contacting a company. Peppy Pet Ball has a 24/7 available support team you can contact if you have questions about the product. They can also inform you about the product’s availability and shipping details.

Regarding prices, the company is pretty generous. There are major discounts whether you buy a single product or a bunch of them. One Peppy Pet Ball with the applied 50% discount costs only $43.00

If you have more than one pet, like me, or a bunch of friends with pets, you should consider buying more than one ball. The company makes special bulk discounts that can go up to 63%. That way, you’ll make all your little fellows happy, PLUS you’ll save money from buying the balls separately!



Yes, it’s safe for your pet’s teeth as it’s made of premium materials.

The Peppy Pet Ball has automatic features and promotes the hunting skills of your pets. Also, it keeps them busy even if you are not at home.

Yes, there are three colors to choose from: blue, green, and pink!

My verdict

So, is it worth it? With such incredible quality for this price? The answer is 100% YES!

Boredom and inactivity are some of the primary causes of destructive tendencies, depression, and anxiety in pets. Peppy Pet Ball helps alleviate all of these symptoms. It gives your pup an easy way to stay active and healthy, even when you aren’t there.

This is the perfect moment to get your pet this revolutionary little toy. While the stock will most definitely get replenished, the Peppy Pet Ball will likely never get discounted this deep again.

I’m lucky that I bought one with a 50% discount. I hope that you find a super deal just like I did!

How to get Peppy Pet Ball

Make sure you’re getting the original Peppy Pet Ball and not some low-quality replica. You can only buy it online from the official website. Place your order online, and Peppy Pet Ball will be delivered to your doorstep. We guarantee that you won’t have any problem with your order, even if you are not familiar with online shopping. 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Claim yours with an up to 63% discount.




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